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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Joseph R. Trombatore now resides in San Antonio, Texas. A member of the "Houston Poets" in the 70s, Trombatore has a long history as a rabble rouser, an accomplished marksman of pop gun and cap pistol, and a chaser of women with ruby red hair. His early works were published in The Milby Plainsman, Sunsprout, and Travois: An Anthology of Texas Poetry (1976). Two privately printed chapbooks came out in 1977 and 1979. A landscape designer by trade, he is an outsider artist, and a corporate guru in facilities: mailroom, print shop, procurement, and receiving; currently in command performance status to packed offices and last minute divas from the "good old oil and gas days." Other supporting roles have included, but are not limited to, antiques dealer, refinisher of furniture, collector of early Texas furniture and Texas pottery. On good days, he is a hybridizer of day lilies and plumerias and a breeder of cockatiels. The works of R.B. Reitz, Edward Goss, Claudio Tortorelli, Bruce New, Matt Sesow, and Shane Campbell grace his home, in lieu of a large family. No dog, no cat. After the revelation of e-zines and gel pens he put his paintbrush down and resumed writing poetry in 2004; his poem "Here" (FRiGG, 2006 summer) was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Currently single, Trombatore is seeking an accomplished publicist.

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