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Claude Stanush has won both state and national awards for his writing. Starting out as a newspaperman at the San Antonio Light, he went on to work for 13 years on the staff of LIFE magazine, successively as Hollywood correspondent, science writer, religion editor, chief of correspondents in Washington D.C., and associate editor in New York City. Accolades for his LIFE stories include awards from the World Council of Churches (for his work on the series "The World's Great Religions") and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (for his essay "The Geography of the Universe"). Another of his LIFE essays inspired the film The Lusty Men (RKO Pictures), which Premiere magazine named an "unsung classic" of American cinema. As a freelance writer, he has written short stories, essays, film scripts, an oral history, and recently, in collaboration with his daughter Michele, the novel All Honest Men (which received a starred Kirkus Reviews rating and was on a number of "recommended reading" lists). Awards for his fiction include a creative writing award from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as one of Texas' highest literary honors  the J. Frank Dobie Award and Fellowship (given by the Texas Institute of Letters and the University of Texas). He was a co-screenwriter on The Newton Boys(Twentieth Century Fox), a 1998 feature film based on his work. A documentary film, The Newton Boys: Portrait of an Outlaw Gang, created with David Middleton, won the gold medal in its category at the Texas Film Festival and the International Film Festival in the Virgin Islands. Stanush and David Middleton also created an oral history of Willis and Joe Newton, "The Newton Boys." Mr. Stanush also has a book of newspaper essays, The World in My Head, and a collection of short stories, The Balanced Rock. One of these, "The Story of a Bronc Rider," first published in the University of Nebraska literary magazine Prairie Schooner, was voted the "best story of the year" by the editors.

Claude Stanish, 1918-2011

"He was a brilliant essayist, journalist, author, screenwriter  and his writing was so brilliant because he was so thoughtful. Maybe most of all, he was a role model for how to both write about and live a life of deep contemplation and humanity...He gave Texasthe worldmany gifts. And among my favorites was this sense of awe, genuine delight, that he exuded well into his later years. He possessed what can only best be called a joyous dignity." Bill Minutaglio in The Texas Observer (Copyright The Texas Observer 2011)

"Claude was a superb storyteller and in his fiction and nonfiction, his was an elegant and searching style brimming with insight, humor and keen observation. His work was deepened by his rich moral imagination and grounded in his humanity. As committed as he was to the ideal of a story well-told with integrity, he was even more committed to a life well-lived with integrity." Cary Clack in The San Antonio Express-News (Copyright The San Antonio Express-News 2011)

"[I]n spite of all his accomplishments as a man of letters, Claude never forgot that he was a newspaperman. He worked at the old San Antonio Light in the '30s and '40s when, as he said in an Express-News column 40 years later, Many (reporters) were drifters, moving from one newspaper job to another across the county. Not a few would rather drink than eat. Claude went against that grain and personified the best parts of our craft." Bob Richter in The San Antonio Express-News (Copyright The San Antonio Express-News 2011)

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