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Nicole Pollentier author's photo

Of Mexican and German descent, Nicole Pollentier was the youngest contributor in Daughters of the Fifth Sun: A Collection of U.S. Latina Fiction and Poetry (Putnam, 1995). Her poetry was also included in This Promiscuous Light (Wings Press, 1996) and most recently in ¡Floricanto Sí! A Collection of Latina Poetry (Penguin, 1998).

Pollentier grew up in Laredo and San Antonio, Texas, where she won many student writing prizes. She is an accomplished folksinger, a photographer with a unique vision, and a veteran coffeehouse poet. She attended Brown University until transferring to the University of Texas at Austin, where she is completing an undergraduate degree in English. She is an inveterate world traveler, familiar with the hostels of Europe and the salmon fisheries of Alaska, the woods of New England and the mountains of Mexico.

The poet has been fascinated by salmon since childhood. The illustrations throughout Smolt are reproduced from drawings of the life cycle of the salmon made by the author in second grade. This is Pollentier's first collection of poetry.

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