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Enrico Castelnuovo author's photo

Born in Florence on February 8, 1839, Enrico Castelnuovo lived almost all his life in Venice, where he, still a small child, moved with his mother after his father abandoned the family and went to live in Egypt. Raised with modest means by his mother with the help of her relatives, he was not able to afford a classical education and, after attending a technical school (despite his strong interest for literature and the humanistic subjects), in 1854 at the age of 15, he began working for his uncle's olive oil import company. In the late 1860s he worked for a few years as a journalist, and during this period he traveled often to Milan where he met some of the most prominent cultural figures of the time, among whom, Giovanni Verga, Giuseppe Giacosa, Arrigo and Camillo Boito, Leone Fortis and Paolo Ferrari. In 1863 he married his cousin, Emma Levi; they had three children: one died soon after his birth; Guido (born in 1865), became a renowned mathematician and taught at the University of Rome; and Bice (born in 1867). Guido and Bice were raised by their father, after Emma Levi tragically died soon after having given birth to her daughter, Bice. At the end of 1872 Castelnuovo left his journalistic career to teach at the Superior School for Commerce in Venice (today known as the University of Ca' Foscari), which was founded by Luigi Luzzatti, his brother-in-law, and which he directed from 1905 until his retirement in 1914. He was a prolific writer, who published between 1872 and 1908 more than ten volumes of shorts stories and novels, while working full-time at the school. The first of Castelnuovo's fourteen novels, Racconti e bozzetti, appeaered in 1872, the last, I Moncalvo in 1908. Enrico Castelnuovo died in Venice on June 22, 1915.

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